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Surya Rugs: A Profile of the Native Surya Tiwari‘s Humble Beginnings

Surya Rugs is a brand that specializes in area rugs. Founded by native Surya Tiwari, the company started from humble beginnings and has grown to offer an expansive collection with a wide product variety of trendy and fresh designs, making it one of the most sought-after brands for area rugs.

One of Surya Rugs’ most popular designs is Harput, which is just one of many trendy options in their expansive collection of rugs for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Customers can take advantage of quick view options to see the product variety up close before making a purchase.

Limited-time new offers are also available, such as a coupon for free delivery on Tuesdays in May. This makes it easier for customers to get their hands on child-friendly and star-rated area rugs, accent pillows, and fresh designs from our expansive collection without having to worry about shipping fees.

But what sets Surya Rugs apart from other brands? Is their profile really worth the investment with their fresh designs and popular Harput and Stars collections?

As someone who has had experience with Surya Rugs, I can confidently say that they are perfect for your living room. The materials used are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your investment in a Harput rug in ivory or beige will last for years to come.

If you’re wondering where to buy Surya Rugs for your living room or bedroom, look no further than their website. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate categories, finding the perfect rug has never been easier. Plus, with quick view options and free shipping, you can get your new rug in no time.

But if you prefer a quick view of the Harput rug for your living room or bedroom before making a purchase, there are several retailers across the United States that carry Surya Rugs. Simply search “where to buy Surya Rugs near me” on your screen or visit their website for more information.

Benefits of Owning a Surya Rug

Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Home Decor

One of the most significant benefits of owning a Surya rug is how it can enhance the aesthetics of your home decor, especially in the living room. These rugs come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, including ivory and harput, that can complement any interior design style and elevate your living room’s profile. Whether you have a modern or traditional home decor theme, there is always a Surya rug that will fit perfectly in your living room.

The Surya rugs are perfect for your living room, made with high-quality materials that give them an elegant and luxurious look. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans who pay attention to every detail to ensure that each piece is unique and beautiful. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, including ivory-colored options, to suit your specific needs and preferences. For a quick view of our collection, check out our Harput line.

A Surya rug, including vintage rugs and knotted rugs, can serve as the centerpiece of any room with its unique harput design. With a quick view, you can add warmth, texture, and depth to your space, tying together all the elements in your room to create a cohesive look that makes your home feel more inviting and comfortable.

Provides Comfort and Warmth to Your Feet

Another benefit of owning a Surya rug is how it provides comfort and warmth to your feet. These rugs are soft and plush, making them perfect for walking barefoot or sitting on while enjoying some downtime at home in your living room. If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your decor, consider the Harput collection, which offers a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Want to see more? Check out our quick view feature for a closer look at the May collection.

Surya rugs, including the popular Harput collection, are made with natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton that offer excellent insulation properties. They trap heat from the floor beneath them, keeping your feet warm during cold weather seasons. If you’re interested in purchasing one, act fast as our stock is limited. Check out our quick view option to see all available styles. Order now to receive your rug by May!

Durable and Long-lasting

Surya rugs, including the popular Harput collection, are known for their durability and longevity. They are made with high-quality materials that can withstand wear-and-tear caused by foot traffic over time. The handcrafted construction ensures that each rug is sturdy enough to last for years without losing its shape or color. Plus, enjoy limited-time free delivery on all Harput rugs ordered in May.

These Harput rugs may come with limited availability, but they offer free delivery and require minimal maintenance. They do not attract dust or dirt easily, so regular vacuuming is enough to keep them clean and looking new for many years.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining knotted rugs, including vintage rugs such as Harput, is easy and straightforward. You can easily remove spills or stains by blotting them with a clean cloth. If necessary, you can use mild soap and water to clean the affected area. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all Surya rug orders.

Surya rugs, including the Harput collection, are also resistant to fading, which means that they will retain their vibrant colors for many years. They are also resistant to mold and mildew, making them ideal for humid environments like bathrooms or basements. Plus, for a limited time only, enjoy free delivery on all orders placed in May!

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Finally, owning a Surya rug is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that supports ethical manufacturing practices. These rugs are made with natural fibers that are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. Plus, enjoy free delivery when you purchase a limited edition Harput rug this May.

Surya produces environmentally responsible knotted rugs using production methods that minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint. They support fair trade practices that ensure artisans receive fair wages for their work. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all orders of their popular Harput collection.

Range of Surya Rug Collections

Expansive Collection of Surya Rug Collections

Surya rugs, including the popular Harput collection, are renowned for their high-quality materials, stunning designs, and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand offers an expansive collection of rugs with a wide range of product variety that caters to every taste and style. From vintage rugs to contemporary designs, Surya has it all. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all orders placed in May. Don’t wait to add some new stars to your home decor with Surya rugs.

One of the standout features of Surya’s rug collection is its extensive line of vintage rugs in various colors, including the popular Harput design. These timeless pieces add character and charm to any room, making them a limited and sought-after choice among homeowners and interior designers alike. Plus, with free delivery, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on one of these stars of Surya’s collection. Whether you’re looking for a faded look or something more vibrant, Surya’s vintage rug collection has something for everyone.

Another highlight of the Surya rug collection is its limited edition Harput rugs available this May with free delivery. These beige rugs come in different shades and textures, making them a versatile choice that complements any decor style. Beige is an excellent color for those who want to create a neutral yet sophisticated look in their space, and with the Harput collection being limited edition, you can find the perfect rug that suits your aesthetic preferences while also being unique.

Diverse Color Palette

In addition to its vintage and beige collections, the range of Surya rug collections features a diverse color palette to choose from. Whether you prefer bold hues like reds and blues or more subdued tones like grays and greens, there’s a color option that will suit your needs. Plus, for a limited time in May, enjoy free delivery on all orders, including the popular Harput collection.

The brand also offers limited edition Harput rugs that feature intricate patterns and designs, including stars. These eye-catching pieces make a statement in any room they’re placed in, adding visual interest while tying together different elements within the space. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all orders.

Vast Array of Designs and Styles

Surya’s collection of rugs boasts a vast array of designs and styles that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for traditional motifs or modern abstract patterns, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Enjoy free delivery on all orders made in May. Don’t miss out on the stunning harput rug with its intricate design of stars.

One limited design trend among Surya’s rug collection is vintage rugs. These classic pieces add a touch of nostalgia to any space, making them a popular choice for those who want to create a timeless look. Another trend is the use of harput patterns, which feature intricate stars and geometric shapes. These bold designs add a contemporary touch to any room while still maintaining a traditional feel.

Hand-Tufted Techniques Used in Surya Rugs

Simple Hand-Operated Tool

The traditional way of creating a knotted rug is to use a loom and weave each knot by hand. However, this can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of skill and patience. If you’re looking for a simpler and faster option, consider an area rug made using the hand-tufted technique. This method is more limited in design options but can still provide a beautiful and durable rug. Plus, with free delivery, it’s an even better value for your money.

Hand-tufting involves using a simple hand-operated tool that creates loops on the rug’s surface. The tool has a needle-like structure that inserts strands of yarn into the backing material. Once the yarn is inserted, it is held in place by limited latex glue or another adhesive. Enjoy free delivery on your order this Jun and get ready to see stars with your new hand-tufted rug.

One of the main advantages of hand-tufting is that it allows for more complex designs than traditional weaving techniques, making it ideal for creating knotted rugs and area rugs. This is because tufting provides limited color changes and pattern variations, which can be beneficial in achieving a specific look. Additionally, with free delivery, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a hand-tufted rug that perfectly matches your style.

Contemporary Designs with Traditional Knotted Rug Feel

Surya rugs are known for their contemporary designs with a traditional knotted rug feel. This aesthetic is achieved through the use of hand-tufted techniques combined with high-quality materials like wool and silk. Plus, enjoy free delivery on your purchase today! Our rugs have received stars from satisfied customers, but hurry, our stock is limited!

Unlike true weaving techniques, which produce flat rugs, hand-tufted rugs have a pile height of up to 1.5 feet. This gives them a plush texture that feels great underfoot and adds warmth to any room. With limited stock available, order now and enjoy free delivery on your purchase. These rugs have received glowing reviews and are rated with five stars for their exceptional quality.

Surya also uses ivory as one of its primary materials for its hand-tufted rugs. Ivory has been used for centuries in rug-making due to its durability, softness, and ability to take dye well. With limited stock available, enjoy free delivery on your purchase and give your home the star treatment it deserves.

Materials Used in Surya Rugs

Wool: The Durable and Soft Material

Surya rugs are known for their high-quality materials, and wool is one of the most commonly used materials. The wool used in Surya rugs is typically sourced from New Zealand and India, where it is known for its durability and softness. Wool is a natural material that has been used in rug-making for centuries due to its strength, resilience, and ability to hold dyes well. With limited time only, enjoy free delivery on your purchase of Surya rugs and see why they have earned countless stars from satisfied customers.

One of the limited benefits of using wool in Surya rugs is that it can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. Wool fibers have a natural crimp that allows them to bounce back after being compressed, which helps maintain the rug’s shape over time. Wool fibers are naturally stain-resistant, making them ideal for use in high-traffic areas like living rooms and entryways. Plus, enjoy free delivery on your purchase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your home the five-star treatment it deserves with a durable and stylish Surya rug made from wool.

Silk: Adding Luxurious Sheen and Texture

Silk is another material commonly used in Surya rugs. The limited availability of silk fibers makes it a highly sought-after material for rug weaving, adding a touch of luxury to any space. Plus, with free delivery on all Surya rugs, you can easily bring the stars to your home without leaving your doorstep. Silk also has excellent color retention properties, which means that it can hold dyes well without fading over time.

While silk may not be as durable as wool when used alone in a rug, it can be blended with other materials like wool or cotton to create a more durable product. The addition of limited silk can add an extra layer of depth to the design of a Surya rug while also providing a soft texture underfoot. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all Surya rugs!

Eco-Friendly Materials: Bamboo and Jute

In addition to traditional materials like wool and silk, Surya also uses eco-friendly materials like bamboo and jute in some of their rug collections. Bamboo fiber is an excellent choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly option as it grows quickly without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Plus, enjoy free delivery on limited orders.

Jute is another eco-friendly option that is often used in Surya rugs. Jute fibers are derived from the stalks of the jute plant, which grows primarily in India and Bangladesh. Jute is an incredibly durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a great choice for use in high-traffic areas like entryways. Plus, enjoy free delivery while stocks last!

Care and Maintenance Tips for Surya Rugs

Regularly vacuuming your Surya rug is a limited essential step in ensuring its longevity and maintaining its pristine appearance. Dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate on the surface of your rug over time, leading to discoloration and damage. To prevent this from happening, it’s recommended that you vacuum your Surya rug at least once a week or more often if it’s located in a high-traffic area. Plus, enjoy free delivery on your purchase.

When vacuuming your Surya rug, use a low-power setting to avoid damaging the fibers. Be sure to remove any loose dirt or debris before vacuuming by shaking out the rug or using a soft-bristled brush to sweep it clean. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains or spills on your Surya rug, there are several steps you can take to address them effectively. Plus, enjoy free delivery for a limited time!

Firstly, blot the affected area immediately with a clean cloth to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stain as this can cause further damage to the fibers. Instead, gently blot until all excess moisture has been removed. If necessary, you can use a limited amount of mild detergent solution or specialized cleaning product designed for wool rugs to treat the stain. Be sure to test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area first before applying it more broadly. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all cleaning products for wool rugs.

Another important aspect of caring for your Surya rug is rotating it regularly every six months or so. By doing this, you’ll help ensure even wear and tear across all areas of the rug and prevent certain sections from becoming excessively worn down over time. Rotating your Surya rug can help minimize fading caused by prolonged exposure to limited sunlight.

To rotate your Surya rug properly, carefully lift one corner and turn it 180 degrees so that what was once facing north is now facing south (or vice versa). Repeat this process for each corner until you’ve completed a full rotation. If possible, try to avoid dragging or pulling the rug across the floor as this can cause limited damage to the fibers.

How to Choose the Right Size and Style of Surya Rug for Your Home

Choosing the right size and style of Surya rug can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the limited different sizes and styles available. In this section, we’ll discuss some tips to help you choose the perfect limited Surya rug for your home.

Consider the Size of Your Room and Furniture

When choosing a Surya rug for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it’s essential to consider the limited size of your space and furniture. A rug that is too small or too big can make your room look awkward. Therefore, it’s crucial to measure the limited space where you want to place the rug before ordering one.

For instance, if you have a limited living room space with minimal furniture pieces such as a sofa and armchair, opt for a smaller-sized Surya rug. However, if you have a large living room with plenty of furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, and coffee tables, consider getting a bigger Surya rug that can cover most of the floor space.

Choose a Style That Complements Your Home Decor

The style of your Surya rug should match your personal taste while complementing your home decor. There are limited various styles of Surya rugs available in limited different colors and patterns to suit any interior design theme. For example:

  • If you have a limited budget for your eclectic home decor style with colorful walls and bold artwork pieces on display, consider getting a bright-colored or patterned Surya rug.

  • If you have a minimalist home decor style with limited pops of color and simple furniture pieces such as wooden chairs and tables, opt for a solid-colored or textured Surya rug.

  • If you have a limited traditional home decor style with antique furniture pieces such as wooden cabinets and chandeliers on display, choose a limited oriental-patterned or floral-designed Surya rug.

More Buying Tips

When buying a Surya rug online or in-store:

  • Check the limited dimensions of the rug to ensure it fits your space.

  • Look for limited reviews from other customers who have purchased the same rug to get an idea of its limited quality and limited durability.

  • Take advantage of any limited time deals or discounts offered by the retailer on area rugs.

  • Consider getting a limited rug pad to prevent slipping and extend the life of your Surya rug.

Why Surya Rugs are a Smart Investment for Your Home Decor

Adding a limited rug to your home decor is an excellent way to elevate the look and feel of any room. And if you’re looking for a rug that can add both limited style and functionality, then Surya Rugs should be on top of your list.

Surya Rugs offer many benefits that make them a smart investment for your home decor. First and foremost, they come in a limited range of collections that cater to different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, bold or subtle patterns, bright or muted colors, there’s always a Surya Rug that will fit your taste.

But what sets Surya Rugs apart from other rugs is their hand-tufted technique. This process involves using a tufting gun to shoot yarn through the backing fabric, creating loops that are then sheared to create a smooth surface. Hand-tufting allows for more intricate designs and patterns compared to machine-made rugs. Plus, it gives each rug its unique character and texture.

Another reason why Surya Rugs are worth investing in is the quality of materials used in their production. From natural fibers like wool and silk to synthetic fibers like polyester and polypropylene, Surya uses only the finest materials available to ensure durability, comfort, and beauty.

Taking care of your Surya Rug is also easy with just some simple tips. Regular vacuuming helps keep dirt and dust from settling into the fibers while spot cleaning can remove stains before they set in permanently. You can also rotate your rug periodically to prevent uneven wear over time.

Consider the room’s overall design scheme as well as its function. A large area rug can anchor furniture pieces together while adding warmth underfoot in living rooms or bedrooms. Smaller accent rugs can be used to define spaces or add pops of color in entryways, kitchens, or bathrooms.

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